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Fiscal sponsorship – what does it mean?

Through Epic Arts your project is allowed to receive tax-deductible donations, apply for grants, and receive the respectability and benefits of a recognized California not-for-profit 510(c)3 organization.

This is a privilege, as fiscal sponsorship creates liability and accountability for Epic Arts. With this said, it is imperative that we have standards and qualifications to evaluate the merit and commitment of the party seeking sponsorship.

Project Qualifications:

  1. The project supports the mission of Epic Arts.
  2. It is well-defined project.
  3. The Project and Managers demonstrate the ability or potential to raise necessary funding.
  4. Approval of project by Epic Arts review board.

What we expect from Project Administrators:

  1. Follow procedures outlined.
  2. The project must be self-sufficient in that it is organized and well managed.
  3. Report on the project and communicate throughout the process so we understand what is happening and can offer assistance as needed. This information should be sufficient to explain the project both within and outside of Epic Arts.
  4. Quarterly fiscal reporting (if applicable) summary of budget, expenses, and all funding received through fiscal sponsorship
  5. The project leader(s) and all representatives must maintain a level of professionalism that reflects well both on Epic Arts and the project. After all, it is the reputation and credibility of Epic Arts that benefits us all.
  6. Documentation of the project results, including reporting and grant compliance, as required by the granting agency

What the Project can expect from Epic Arts:

  1. Access to all the benefits associated with a non-profit community arts organization.
  2. Review and consultation on your project.
  3. Access to experienced and knowledgeable staff.
  4. Support services, references, and referrals to assist your project.
  5. Access to a diverse pool of resources and contacts within our community.
  6. Listing in community arts database.
  7. Inclusion of project in Epic Arts website and publications.
  8. Opportunity to collaborate with other projects, people, and organizations within the community.
  9. Completion of all federal reporting requirements for recipients of tax-exempt funds (IRS Form 990).

Additional Fiscal Sponsorship Information:

Epic Arts can receive funds for your program in either of the following two ways only:

  1. Checks payable to Epic Arts
  2. Online Payments through Epic Arts' PayPal account

Any money collected in any other manner (i.e. not routed through Epic Arts in one of these two ways) is not tax-deductible.

Fiscal Sponsorship funds are distributed to their respective programs once a month on the 15th of each month.



The following is the information we need to evaluate your project to determine if you are a potential good match with Epic Arts and our mission.

Project Name:

Contact Name:

Contact Number:

Contact Email:


Description of your project including mission statement, audience served, proposed activities, and annual operating budget (total operating cost for last year, not your complete detailed budget).

We will review this information and contact you within two weeks. If you have any further questions please email fiscal.sponsorship@epicarts.org or call 510-644-2204 ext 11. Thank you!



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