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Good business is vital to ensuring a vibrant community and cultural experience for all. This is why we're committed to working with compatible businesses to implement innovative programming, publicity and promotion. Our team includes business management and marketing professionals as well as community organizers, artists and educators. We understand the needs of business.

In addition to directly supporting community building and cultural programs a partnership with Epic Arts can provide your business, brand, or product with  powerful, truly cost effective and meaningful exposure that demonstrates your commitment to giving back.

We can help

  • Get your message out
  • Get more customers
  • Keep more customers
  • Get customers to buy more, and tell their friends.


  • support programs that make a difference in peoples lives
  • leverage our strategic, grassroots guerrilla marketing efforts
  • gain access to our powerful positioning of trust
  • Values Based- cut through the marketing clutter and connect with shared values by demonstrating community mindedness
  • Be seen as a community-focused leadership business
  • Develop a loyal customer base
  • Support Localism- something in which we all share and benefit.
  • Buying from your business becomes directly associated with making a social investment in the community

What do we know about reaching people?

  • Epic Arts presents over 180 events annually, including “The How Berkeley Parade and Festival” Berkeley’s biggest, most outrageous, and most widely publicized community and cultural event.
  • We specialize in our own brand gorilla marketing, a grass-roots organizing approach, that leverages the strengths of our community relationships.
  • We manage local community events, promotions and publicity with over 10 million impressions, or opportunities to get your message out.
  • We've doubled every year for the last 3 years and we're about to do it again. How have we grown so much? We've done it by demonstrating real value to our community, clients, and partners.

Call us at 510-644-2204 ext 8 and get a free analysis of your unique situation. 

We want to find the perfect fit and show you exactly how we can both mutually benefit from our relationship.


Ashley Berkowitz
510-644-2204 ext 8


Your Business and Epic Arts : 6 Ways we can Work Together.

1.  Donate goods, services, underutilized resources& assets (In-kind donations are tax deductible!)

  • Vehicles
  • Storage lot
  • Leftover supplies & materials
  • Excess inventory
  • Interior & exterior wall space for mural, announcements
  • Include our materials in your mailing
  • Staff skills & time

2. Access our Products, Services & Skills

  • Free Marketing Analysis & Consulting
  • Banner Printing. We print banners for less.
  • Design Services.
  • Joint Ventures Development- Leveraging the power of partnership

3. Share unique experiences and opportunities. Give a unique and memorable gift of arts and culture!

  • Buy a book of tickets for employees, clients & customers
  • Create a scene with everything from live entertainment to Art Cars on site

4. Leverage our community access & cultural marketing efforts. Get more bang for your buck. Make an impact, enhance your position, and improve the bottom line.

  • Promotional Packages- street promotions, local distribution, media etc.
  • Partnerships & Exchanges
  • Sponsorship Packages- be seen as a community leader
  • Print Advertising, Calendars, Posters, Banners
  • Customer Loyalty Programs

5. Participate in Joint Ventures & Special Promotions

  • Donate per sale
  • Ask your associates and customers to get involved
  • Co-op Fundraising-customer funded donation & promotions

6. Philanthropy is good.

  • Simply give because it feels right. Make a tax deductible donation.


Ashley Berkowitz
510-644-2204 ext 8

Epic Arts Foundation, 1923 Ashby Ave Berkeley Ca 94703